About Us

Mayfair specializes in the purchase, build, development and management of prime residential sites. One of the key features of our plan is to acquire developments in order to provide well-designed homes at affordable prices. Mayfair has a proven track record in these undertakings. We have, over the years, developed a strong portfolio through the continual development of high quality residential apartments in locations of high rental demand/popularity, i.e. City Centre locations, highly sought after suburban districts, brownfield sites etc

The goal of Mayfair is to create viable, well planned residential developments that deliver the highest value to the end users and all stakeholders. We have successfully delivered a large number of high quality projects from inception to completion within short periods while maintaining the costs within the allocated budget.


With regards to development, we at Mayfair primarily focus on City Centre development and redevelopment, while also concentrating on outer area regeneration projects. We feel that such regeneration projects offer a healthy and profitable outlet in extension to the existing developments and redevelopments we currently partake in City Centre locations. Outer area regeneration projects are also positively changing several areas, often creating suburban hotspots in high demand from investors and families alike.

Site Development

Mayfair, historically, has attained and developed various types of sites, without strict restraints on the category of property available. This includes
  • Properties with or without planning permission
  • Land only
  • Pre-built developments
  • Converted dwellings and those with a listed building status.


In essence, all geographical locations within the UK are considered at Mayfair. Our extensive experience enables us to effectively manage the complexities of the property market, and to formulate our investment strategy accordingly. We are currently undertaking projects in:
  • Manchester City Centre
  • Northwich, Cheshire
  • South Manchester

Luxury Homes

Mayfair is renowned for its expertise in constructing and developing high standard properties. Our properties are designed and built in accordance with the highest industry specifications, while taking into account the sustainability requirements.

Mayfair develops and invests in premier sites and residential properties in the city of Manchester. We give special consideration to site selection, to ensure we extract the highest possible rate of return.


As a premier developer we put quality at the heart of our approach. We work with well renowned architects, consultant and engineers, and closely coordinate with them from the inception to the completion of the project to ensure that our properties are conceived and constructed to the highest possible standards while maintaining the project’s budget.

Mayfair’s experienced team of professionals have built thousands of exceptional residential buildings and houses, with the end user in mind and always adhering to our quality, architectural and ethical standards.


Our large clients base allows us to help our customers sell their properties in a confidential and quick manner. Utilizing our large network of connections with investors, estate agents and professionals.

Investment (exit)

One of Mayfair’s key contributions is its capacity to provide developers and property investors with a worthwhile exit strategy. We see this as an effective way to build long-lasting relations and contacts, which enable us to expand on the already extensive network we have built over the years. For example, our ability to buy in bulk at Mayfair, offers developers and investors the chance to dispose of units either as one completed development, or in segments. We believe that such a choice allows investors and developers the opportunity to be flexible – and through the knowledge and experience we have gained over the decades, this tactic has proven a valuable strategy in building key relationships within the industry.

Previous successful projects include sites in:

  • Leeds
  • London
  • Manchester